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Youtube HQ

Youtube headquarter office in Jongno, Seoul
Companies such as Youtube, Google, Apple are changing how we work and how the modern office should be. Traditional offices which focuses on control and efficiency became a thing of the past. These new offices put emphasis on communication, creativity and individuality.
Software Used
SketchUp 2019, Vray 4.2, Photoshop CC 2019, AutoCAD
Youtube HQ
The modern office space has to correspond with how the people work which has drastically changed nowadays. Uniform workstations and spaces designed only for maximum capacity and efficiency is a thing of the past. Especially for IT companies such as the Youtube, the office must be a place of inspiration as well as comfort. I realized that the ability to shift their work environments according to their own preferences and to the nature of work they are currently doing is crucial to designing an office. Every people have their own unique thoughts about how  “private” or “open” their work environment should be. Some projects that require team work may need a place that the workers can freely talk to each other. So I designed various spaces that correspond to many different situations that will spark creativity and innovation. The modern office should also include programs other than ones for working. There are some line of work that requires employees to spend long hours without leaving the office so basic accommodations are required. Large office buildings should provide people with easy access to outside air. The employee welfare is also vital so there is a need for healthcare and recreational facilities, cafeterias and cafes. Design for the new Youtube Headquarters give workers not just a freedom to choose how they work, but also a freedom to pursue their own lifestyle.
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